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Message to our Alumni

We all reminisce about friends and classmates from the past. Sometimes people wonder if kiddos from tiny schools ever go onto to bigger and better things. Alumni of French Gulch-Whiskeytown Elementary School have gone on to bigger and better things! For some the journey has been more round-about, for others it has been a very straight path to their goals, and for a handful it has brought them back. If you are a FGWS alumni please send photos of your own graduations and success stories to Erin Stidham, Office Manager or Ember Swan at at with the header FGWS alumni.

What we are doing...

Amanda Patterson is a dispatcher in Prince George County, Maryland. Her dispatch center dispatches an average 3,500 police calls every day. Amanda is also a certified EMT, Firefighter 1 with a volunteer department, and  has some Paramedic training under her belt.


Erin (Cruysen) Stidham graduated from National University with a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She currently works at French Guclh-Whiskeytown School, and is a marriage and family therapist trainee with two counseling agencies in Redding.


Renay Hill received her teaching credential from CSU Chico. She has taught in Thailand and in the United States. She is currently teaching 4th-8th grades at French Gulch-Whiskeytown School. Welcome Home!


Nico DeCamp currently serves in the United States Marine Corps. Thank you for your service.


Jasmin Porter attends Weber State University and is on the track and field team. Go Wildcats!


Lesley Pearson works for Project SHARE - an after school program promoted by Shasta County Office of Education. Lesley is also the clerk of the French Gulch-Whiskeytown School Board.


Sara Weese owns her own Nanny business called Sierra Sitters in Homewood, California. Nanny services include developmental games, outdoor play, and arts and crafts. In addition to nanny services her company offers house sitting, home concierge services, grocery delivery, special occasion services, and pet sitting. You can visit her website at