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French Gulch-Whiskeytown Elementary School is a one-school district located in French Gulch, which is seventeen miles west of Redding. The school provides highly qualified teachers and professionals who teach music, karate, and dance instruction at all grade levels each week. Students are involved with authentic instruction through numerous field experiences, collaborations with local resource agencies, and connections to local historical sites. In addition to the arts, watershed and garden education are also cornerstones of student learning. The integration of subject matter with natural topics is a common strategy to address multiple grade levels. Curriculum and resources are aligned to meet all state and national standards.

The school acts as a primary hub and facility for the community of French Gulch. The area is rich in natural and historical resources. During the summer of 2004, a massive forest fire devastated the local hills and many of the homes around French Gulch; one of the school watershed programs has students involved with recovery efforts and data collection. Whiskeytown National Park, which is within the district boundaries, provides a wealth of support for the students and staff. The students and staff have developed a native plants/butterfly garden that is being expanded to include a nutrition garden. French Gulch has two of the oldest continuously operating businesses in Shasta County, a number of cemeteries dating to the 1800’s, as well as operating examples of placer and hard-rock mining.